Is your destructive dog stressing you out when you’re at work?

Is your destructive dog stressing you out when you’re at work?

  • Is he entertaining himself by raiding the bin, shredding your letters or worse, chewing your favourite shoes? 
  • It’s really frustrating because you have to work, but feel guilty about not having enough time for your dog and giving him what he needs.
  • Not only is the destruction costing you money and a total pain but you don’t know how to stop him doing these things.

Many people have to give up their dogs because they develop separation anxiety. And owners don’t know how to solve the problem of keeping their dog entertained when they’re at work.

You can spend hours trawling Google looking for the answers to your problems but there is an easier way.

  • How would it feel to have someone you trusted, who understood your dog and their unique personality?
  • Someone who’s on your team and is ideally qualified to spend time with your dog which will reduce these behaviours happening?
  • Can you imagine coming home from work and being greeted by a happy contented dog instead of a scene of destruction?

You need Suffolk Dog Services

  • No need to stress out when you’re at work
  • Your dogs behaviour will improve so he won’t raid the bin or destroy things.
  • You won’t feel guilty about having to go to work because he’ll be getting what he needs.
  • You’ll no longer have to spend money on the damage he’s caused.

Suffolk Dog Services provides an exclusive, premium, family like club to those who want to invest in their dogs future wellbeing.

A service specialising in high energy working dog breeds providing rural adventures taking your dog away from their usual surroundings and treating them to an amazing experience with a select group of friends.

If this sounds like something your dog would benefit from, feel free to get in touch. But don’t take my work for it this is what a client had to say.

Having Karen and her pack on our team has made all the difference.

“We rescued Frankie a podenco-type dog from Spain after spending a long time in kennels. When we first got him he was nervous of people he didn’t know and very reactive to other dogs. We did a lot of work with him and took him to socialisation classes but he remained so reactive that taking him for a walk were we were likely to meet other dogs was a trial.

When we first met Karen we recognised immediately that she understood dogs and had exactly the right energy to work with Frankie. We were amazed that just after a couple of solo walks she could introduce Frankie to her dog Bailey without any problems.

Now Frankie feels completely safe in Karen’s company and is happy to walk even when a new dog is introduced into the group.

Frankie is far less reactive and will now tolerate strange dogs.

We are pleased with the progress we’ve made with Frankie but having Karen and her pack on our team has made all the difference”.

Spaces are limited to join my adventure gang and by strict invitation only. Dogs will only be accepted after a successful assessment and trial period. 

I would love for your dog to join my team, so don’t delay and get in contact today and we can arrange an assessment to see if your dog is suitable.




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