Why SDS stands out from the crowd

I’m not like other dog walkers

I often get asked why I’m expensive compared to other dog walkers in the area.

There’s a simple answer and that’s because I’m not like other dog walkers. Suffolk Dog Services provides rural adventures which is so much more than a dog walk.

You wont find my van parked at the same layby, at the same time, doing the same walks with the dogs.  I provide a quality services focusing on two sessions per day allowing three hours per session.

During the adventures, basic training and games are incorporated so they get the most out of the sessions and are exercised physically and mentally. You wont find me at the dog parks meeting up with other dog walkers doing large pack walks either. My groups are small and each dog is given off lead time once their recall is assured and it’s safe.

As I walk further afield and rarely encounter other people, I’ve made sure I can deal with medical emergency’s. I have been pet first aid trained to an advanced level. Not only do I walk with a fully stocked pet first aid kit but, I carry military grade medical supplies should the worst happen and a dog is to have a catastrophic bleed.

I assess all potential new dogs as the wellbeing of my group is top priority. I’m careful to only select exceptional dogs after a successful trial period.

Oh, and did I mention that I’ve been picked by entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis to win his prestigious #SBS award? And have been crowned Queen of Dog Services?

I don’t think my services can be compared to other dog walkers hence the premium fees I charge. So chose the original Suffolk Dog Company and apply for a space for your dog to be part of my Rural Adventure gang.


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